CEO & President

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Chief Program Officer

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Program Director

​Dan has lived in the Seattle area for the past 35 years. He arrived in Seattle by train and landed a job with Charlies on Broadway, where he worked for over ten years. In 1988, he and some partners bought the Bush House Country Inn in Index, WA. Along with the TRC campground, they transformed Index into a destination point for many in the gay community. In 1993, he and his partners opened the Foxglove in Duvall. Dan has gone on to many different and unique jobs, including program manager for the Space Needle Restaurant Sky City relaunch.

Dan has been active in the recovery community for the past 3 years. He is currently a group facilitator at the Recovery Café and an active Peer Recovery Coach at Peer Seattle. Along with that, Dan serves as the communications director for the Washington Warm Line Peer Advisory Board and volunteers weekly on the Washington Warm Line at the Crisis Clinic. Dan also received his Washington State Certified Peer Counselor certificate in 2015. Dan is passionate within his community to help identify different avenues of recovery for everyone.

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Program Manager

Kimmy comes from a family of fighters and continues their legacy by being a fierce warrior for her community. Having been through years of recovery herself, she is springboarding her personal experience into being a dedicated Peer Service Specialist. She is also a board member of the new Child Survivors non-profit focusing on domestic abuse. Not to mention her training in recovery coaching, mental health first aid, peer support counseling, trauma-informed care, housing, etc.; it seems the only weakness Kimmy has is her penchant for spending a bit too much time in the shopping mall. 

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Peer Services Specialist

Shawn comes to Peer Seattle by way of Hawaii and San Diego. Having first walked through the doors of the Dunshee house in 2015, they found the warmth and inclusive atmosphere welcoming. Shawn began their journey of recovery with Peer Seattle as a recoveree, then a volunteer, eventually training to be a peer recovery coach and facilitator. "Being a part of this community and being able to give back what was shared with me has been gratifying and rewarding. Peer Seattle gave me the opportunity to rebuild my life. Helping others in turn, with grace, love, and laughter is what I find the most fulfilling."



Peer Services Specialist

Marc was born and raised on a small hobby farm in Burnsville, Minnesota. Feeling estranged from family, friends, and the greater community because of his sexual orientation, Marc headed west in 1988. Patterns of avoidance led to mental health problems and substance use disorder. His journey of recovery from severe depression and methamphetamine abuse began in 2007. Despite many setbacks, Marc chose to learn from those mistakes and never surrender. 

Marc's addiction to crystal meth ended on April 23rd, 2013. Entering Peer Seattle's doors with his trusty dog Bruno signaled the beginning of a more substantial recovery. Marc supported alternative MAT (Medical Assisted Therapies) and was assisted in his recovery through Ibogaine. He has since been on the Strength Over Speed leadership team and helped develop the "Shame and Guilt" workshop, among many others. Marc has been a Peer Recovery Coach, Coach Mentor, and CCAR Certified Coach Trainer for the past six years and helped develop workshops and plans for 2017-2019 Discovery retreats. He recently received his Certified Peer Counselor Certificate from Washington State, further cementing his excellent service to the LGBTQIA+ recovery community. Now Marc is excited to bring his skills, energy, experience, and enthusiasm to Peer Seattle.
You can find Marc bowling on the Thursday Gay league, mushroom hunting, or camping with his partner Bill and faithful companion Bruno in his spare time.



Peer Services Specialist

A lifelong Washington resident, Jesse graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 with an art degree focusing on fiber and textile design with a minor in sociology. Having found the help she needed from substance use, she hopes to help others through her work as a Peer Services Specialist. For multiple years she led support groups for Trans Families and is now helping to design and facilitate the Trans Fem Society group for the same organization. As a trans woman and recovering addict, she is dedicated to educating and advocating for her communities. Jesse is also a photographer, fiber artist, and designer. Most recently, Jesse has become newlywed and is excited to start a family within her community. 



Peer Services Specialist

Andrew is a native Texan who fell in love with the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He graduated with a dual bachelor's in English and Rhetoric from the University of Texas at Austin, and previously worked as a high school English teacher for students from at-risk backgrounds.

In his late twenties, Andrew experienced what he thought was merely a career crisis. With the help of loved ones and his religious community, he finally accepted that his crisis was actually a cry for help. He was diagnosed with PTSD and entered recovery— a process that has allowed him the space to heal, learn, and even embrace the simple joy of being alive in his own skin after a lifetime of suffering in silence.

Today, he continues to experience increasing wellness and self-acceptance after years in therapy, and is passionate about helping others find success through recovery. In his free time, Andrew is an avid audiophile, armchair philosopher, and home coffee roaster. He also enjoys camping, swimming, and is a lifelong proponent of the Oxford comma. 



Peer Services Specialist

Aary is a Seattle transplant by way of Chicago and Wisconsin. Shockingly, the small town of Oconomowoc, WI, was not the most accepting or supportive space for a young queer struggling with severe mental health issues and addiction. So, like any good coming-of-age protagonist, at eighteen, Aary moved to Chicago in search of a better life. While attending The Theatre School at DePaul University, they found their first communities within the Queer and Arts scenes - but the party culture of both contributed to their addictions. After a near-death experience in 2017, Aary began their road to recovery. Today, they are proudly non-binary and have over two years of complete sobriety. While working for Free Street Theater (which was more like a family than a theater company), they discovered the importance of community empowerment, peer support, and value-based living. Inspired by these role models - and after a severe existential crisis - they decided to leave the theater industry altogether to pursue a career closer to their values. They moved to Seattle in 2020 to get a fresh start and are thrilled to join the PEER Seattle team as the Volunteer Coordinator as the next step on their journey.