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Medicaid Transformation Survey


Make sure your experience is considered in how Washington changes Medicaid. 

Peer Seattle is facilitating this survey on behalf of HealthierHere. If you would like for Peer Seattle to use your inputs to better serve you, please opt-in with question #1 and provide your name and contact information at the end of the survey.

What they want you to know before taking the survey:

  • HealthierHere is a non-profit organization working with others to improve health and address health disparities for people who live in King County.

  • HealthierHere is funded by the Washington Authority to improve health for people who receive Medicaid.

  • We have the potential to earn money in King County to change the way people access healthcare and we want community voice and patients centered on how we do this.

  • We want to find out what it is like for you when you are trying to get care and what gets in the way of you getting the care that you need.

  • The results from this survey will be made publicly available so that anyone will be able to see the results. Data from last year’s surveys are currently available on HealthierHere’s website. If you choose to take this survey, please note that your responses will be completely anonymous.

  • HealthierHere is doing this survey in close partnership with the Center for MultiCultural Health.

  • Your responses will influence the healthcare system in King County


Attend one of the drop-in sessions

- Monday 9/16 5-7pm

- Wednesday 9/18 1-3pm

- Monday 9/23 5-7pm

- Wednesday 9/25 1-3pm

- Sunday 9/29 11am-1pm

- Wednesdays 10/2 – 11/27 1-3pm

Or take the survey online, click the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HealthierHere?

     HealthierHere is one of 9 designated Accountable Communities of Health coordinating this survey. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all people here in King County, through innovative, cross-sector collaborations. 

How is this funded?

     Through a federal waiver - called the Medicaid Transformation Project - which is managed by Washington State. This funding allows HealthierHere to use Medicaid dollars to test innovative approaches that would otherwise not be funded and that focus on improving specific health measures.

What's the goal?

     The aim is a system that works better for everyone, including that medical providers get support to improve quality of care, and that Community Based organizations receive support to address Social Determinants of health (such as housing, employment, culturally centered methods of care, etc). Investment dollars will be distributed among medical providers, non-profits, and Tribal Nations.

Why is Peer Seattle participating?

     Peer Seattle is a recognized community-based organization interested in supporting our community in providing input in HealthierHere's strategy and decision making for making the Washington State healthcare system better.

What gets sent to HealthierHere?

     All anonymous information collected will be sent to HealthierHere and made publicly available, so any local service providers can use the data to advance work in their own communities. Data from last year’s surveys is currently available on HealthierHere’s website (  

How will Peer Seattle use the data collected?

     Peer Seattle will be using the anonymous data captured to get a better understanding of how we can better support our community.

If you select yes on Question 1 indicating interest in participating in follow-up activities Peer Seattle will reach out to you about services we have available to support you based on your survey.

What is Medicaid Transformation?

     The Medicaid Transformation is a five-year agreement between the state and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that provides up to $1.5 billion federal investment for regional health system transformation projects that benefit Apple Health (Medicaid) clients.

How will Medicaid Transformation affect me?

     In other Medicaid transformation projects around the country, many individuals were not even aware that they were receiving care within a Medicaid transformation project. But when asked about their care, they often noticed that it was easier to get the care they needed and that providers in different settings were more familiar with their needs and life situations. Because providers were working together – coordinating with each other – people reported better service and better outcomes. 

How is the data being collected and stored?

     Your survey inputs are being collected using Smartsheet, an online platform that is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

More information about Smartsheet's privacy and security can be found